Posted by: Debbie Scott | February 10, 2008

Ralph Starritt

Starritt studio

Occasionally in life you come across someone who exemplifies vision, who’s dedication inspires, and whose passion becomes contagious.

We had an engaging morning visiting with local artist Ralph Starritt at his gallery and workshop on South Main Street in Yreka.  Starritt has a long, rich history in Siskiyou County creating signature sculptures, hand carved signs, and educating and mentoring local citizens.  Perusing his scrapbook reveals years of acclaim, hard work and community service.  Starritt’s work and effort has created an ‘identity’ for Siskiyou County.  Hey, an identity!  That’s just what we need!

Our latest addition of acclaim is ‘Penelope’, the dragon that was purchased by the city and moved from the front yard of Starritt’s studio to a spot along I-5 just north of Yreka.  The classic bull, known as ‘Moodonna’ resides along I-5 just south of Yreka.  And of course right in between is the ‘Miner and his mule’ as you enter Yreka through the central I-5 exit.



What was really exciting about our visit with Starritt was his idea for having a art festival along his creekside studio property.  This property, coincidentally, is part of the Greenway project.  hmmm…. this sounds familiar (see Yreka Enigma post).  My understanding is that it is the very last leg of the planned project as it stands now.  He has had the idea for many years and I for one think it’s about time for the idea to start steamrolling through the community – especially the art community!

Ralph Starritt

Our county has soooo much local talent!  The problem is that few people know about it because these artisans generally go out of the area to show their work.  Why not bring the people to where the artists are?  Who knows, we might just draw in a tourist or two!?

Watch for future posts about Ralph Starritt, there is so much to share, as well as future posts about the Greenway Project.   Also check back for updates about local government and civic meetings that you could attend to let your voice be heard – it could be the beginning of a grassroots movement!  Yea!



  1. I have long wondered about the dragon and cow on I-5. Now I know!!! Thanx for the info!!

  2. need an actual picture of this guy

  3. Hey Josh, That is an actual picture of that guy.

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